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Saurabh Siddhartha

(IIM Calcutta)

I joined TathaGat in August 2015 to start my preparation for CAT. While scanning the options before me, I was looking for an institution that could provide me with sufficient personal attention and TathaGat seemed the best option on that front. In hindsight, it was one of my better decisions. I was privileged to be guided by the excellent faculty at TathaGat in all three areas – VA, LR-DI and QA. One distinctive aspect of TathaGat was the flexibility that it provides to its students as far as attending classes is concerned. It is almost unprecedented for a coaching institution to do so. The rotation of faculties gives students a taste of the experience of studying under various teachers and ensures that all the batches are treated equally. But the aspect of TathaGat that helped me the most was the numerous workshops conducted. These workshops were question-intensive and on occasions went on for 8 hours. It gives students an experience real-time problem solving and helps students push their boundaries. It was at these workshops where a lot of doubts that I had were resolved, either by the faculty personally or by the methods they used to solve questions. Lastly, TathaGat was very instrumental in helping me prepare for my interviews post CAT. It helped me gain immense confidence to compete with the best. Even today when I walk into the TathaGat office to take some advice, I am given the time and attention by the teacher, though I am no longer a student there.