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List of Authors to be read

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Following is the list of the authors whose books you shall read from now on and submit the review of the book that you read in the past week. Please note that it is TG's policy that a student cannot enter the VA class if he/she does not have his/her book review. The idea behind allowing you to read the books of your choice is not to let you dwell in your comfort zone, but to give you the flexibility to choose the sequence in which you would want to read the books from different genres and explore the areas that you have hitherto been either oblivious of or uninterested in. Since we maintain a record of the book reviews submitted by you, we too would be able to track the assortment of books you have read over a period of time. Take this as an opportunity to read some wonderful masterpieces rather than a drudgery being forced upon you. Performing it as a customary rite would prevent you from experiencing the pleasure of reading such accomplished and ingenious compositions. As Amir Khan rightly puts it in Three Idiots- The fright of a whip's lash does make even a lion sit on a chair, but we call him well-trained, not well-educated! Ultimately our aim is the same as yours- your selection at a reputed B-School! And I assure you that this exercise is imperative and well directed towards actualizing that goal.

Happy Reading! 

List of Authors


  1. John Nashe
  2. Jack London
  3. Rudyard Kipling
  4. James Joyce
  5. Stephen Hawking
  6. Bertrand Russell
  7. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
  8. Agatha Christie
  9. Leo Tolstoy
  10. Anton Chekhov
  11. Maxim Gorky
  12. Fyodor Dostoevsky
  13. Franz Kafka
  14. Jean-Paul Sartre
  15. Gabriel Garcia Marquez
  16. Mahatma Gandhi
  17. Jawahar Lal Nehru
  18. Karl Marx
  19. Adam Smith
  20. Jerome Klapka Jerome
  21. Ernest Hemingway
  22. Friedrich Nietzsche
  23. Emily Bronte
  24. Charlotte Bronte
  25. D H Lawrence
  26. George Bernard Shaw
  27. Louisa May Alcott
  28. Mark Twain
  29. Mary Shelley
  30. George Eliot
  31. Bram Stoker
  32. Scott Fitzgerald
  33. George Orwell
  34. D. Salinger
  35. Malcolm Gladwell
  36. Harper Lee
  37. Daphne du Maurier
  38. Victor Hugo
  39. H. Munro
  40. Stephen Leacock
  41. G. Wodehouse
  42. Charles Dickens
  43. Thomas Hardy
  44. Jane Austen
  45. Vladimir Nabokov
  46. Henry
  47. Oscar Wilde
  48. Somerset Maugham
  49. Samuel Butler
  50. Graham Greene
  51. Alexandre Dumas
  52. R L Stevenson
  53. Harper Lee
  54. Joseph Conrad
  55. Dominique Lapierre